Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Guest Post - Deflate Gate

Today we're featuring a guest post by Scotty Stackpole of goonyathoughts.com - thanks for the blog Scotty!


Deflate Gate

This year revenues for the National Football League will be somewhere just north of $9 billion, which means the league remains the most lucrative in the world.

Wells, Wells with that kind of pocket change available to him, it is clearly understandable why the prominent attorney Theodore V. “Ted” Wells, Jr. who attended Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School,was able to conclude in his report on the very sensitive issue of football air pressure that Tom Brady,quarterback for the N.E Patriots football organization, was “at least generally aware” of wrong doing regarding the psi (pounds per square inch) of footballs used in a professional football game. Mr. Wells also concluded that “it is more probable than not” that Tom Brady-and on and on he went. I would have more than happy to have been that detailed for $100 and a cheeseburger lunch!
This report brings back memories of a very sad moment in my life. I had decided to propose marriage to my girl friend and decided that this would be a very effective approach:
”Sweetheart, it is more probable than not that I am deeply in love with you,will you marry me?"
She responded by saying ”I am at least generally aware of my feelings for you but they are this time inconclusive.”
She went on to be an attorney. No,only kidding!
This is my personal conclusion on this matter. The NFL (Now Fantasy League), the media, sports writers, and anyone connected in any way to this tangled web that has been weaved, should make available to the fans and general public a statement of gratitude to the New England Patriots football organization and especially Tom Brady for enhancing their financial status since this entire matter will be and already has been a source of tremendous revenue.
Think of the possibilities, newspaper articles, magazine articles, hats, t-shirts, anything in any way that can be connected to all of this will make financial fingers quite busy for months, even years to come. Certainly this will carry on well after Super Bowl 50 which I predict the Patriots will win.
Thank you for your attention and I will soon be releasing my investigation on basketball pressure and density.

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