Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Exotic Names of Caravans

(Disclaimer: I'm not slagging off caravans here - they're a good idea for people interested in taking lots of holidays in different places at a reasonable cost.  Just the names of them.)

Pic courtesy of sheadquarters from Pixabay on a CC 0 PD Licence

I've always been interested in caravan names - all too often they seem to attract the most outlandish of monikers, which appear ill at ease with the core defining principles of a caravan (that is to say, they are a small box on wheels that people can sit, cook, toilet, and sleep in).  Of course I do understand the points of giving caravans fancy names, to make them sound more appealing, and some indeed do make sense (if somewhat exaggerated - how many Ambassadors have gone caravanning with an Ambassador caravan in tow?) but some of them just seem a little bit too far out there.  Here are some examples:

  • A Hobby caravan, which I noticed was on sale for a smidgen under £16,000 - that's a fairly expensive hobby.
  • Lunar - because the cheapest way to have an intergalactic vacation is of course by caravan. (note: this comment also goes for "Solar", "Orion" and "Nova")
  • Fairway - presumably for golfers, unless it's just that it fits nicely on a fairway?
  • Olympus - Think Mount Olympus, home of the greek gods, then think Olympus, five berth touring caravan with an end dinette.
  • Rallye (French for Rally) - there are many things on this Earth that I have yet to experience. One is taking part in a rally race whilst towing a small house.
  • Eccles - Um... because people that have caravans like eccles cakes?
  • Unicorn - I really don't know.  It doesn't appear to have a pointy horn. (Note: Similar comment for the "Pegasus")
  • Tornado - because they can survive being hit by one?

Special mention has to be made of the one I found with the trim level of "Extreme" - I'm envisaging a pimped out caravan playing loud music, and vibrating black leather massage seats.


  1. They're called campers over here, with a slurry of fascinating names, but the real nut job camper enthusiast build their own out of spare parts. Over on your side of the pond they would be the same people that paint their faces and start fights at soccer games :)

  2. A bit of a side track because it's not about the name , here's my fave caravan ! We seem less inclined to build them and more inclined to fold them ! Life on a small island ;-)

    1. I do have to say that I really like the look of the folding caravans, they do look really cool :)

  3. While traveling I like to stay at places where I can get a bourbon on the rocks in the evening, and an omelette in the morning, and both are made by someone else.

  4. You know the old Top Gear actually raced caravans & it was hysterical. You are right, Mike! The names definitely do not match the features. Funny observational post.

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