Saturday, 28 November 2015

A Shameless Plug For My Card Store


I've been working on some "honest" greetings cards over the last few months, and while they're still only really at prototype stage, I thought with the Christmas holidays coming soon (plus I'm rebelling against Electronic Greeting Card Day - November 29th) that it might be worth mentioning them.

What I mean by honest greetings cards is that I normally find greetings cards to be a bit over the top.  They inevitably have paragraphs of text about how wonderful the person in question is, and how you wish the very best for them.  Now, this is all fine for, say, your family, other half, or close friends, in many cases you end up getting cards for people that perhaps you're not quite so bothered about, that perhaps the wording inside the card should be along the lines of...

"Happy Birthday - I don't have anything against you having a good day, but on the whole my life will probably be unaffected even if you have a bit of a rubbish one."

Well, there's now a series of cards you can purchase for just those people (or perhaps for closer friends that you think will get the joke!).  Check out the store at and I'd love to know what you think, good, bad, indifferent comments are all welcome.  I should say that one or two cards are caught by the content filter, so if you want to see all of them turn the content filter off.


  1. It's funny you would bring up honesty when I'm having fits about my long-distance relationship with one of my kids involving my ex. The card would read:
    You Suck, Merry Christmas! hehe I feel better already.

  2. I like it, I see nothing but good things in your future.

  3. Better than the stuff they advertise on the side of Facebook pages :)

    1. This is true - considering all the personal data they have to hand, those adverts should really be better aligned. At the moment Facebook is attempting to sell me a machine that makes peanut butter, even though I hate peanut butter!

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