Sunday, 14 February 2016

Guest post - Terrors Lurking in the Bathroom

Today my dad blogs on my behalf about the dangers of the smallest room.


Picture courtesy of Unsplash


Startled? I should say so! 'SHAKEN' would not be putting it too strongly either. Well, you don't expect that kind of thing early morning in your own bathroom.

I had exercised after breakfast, which is normal for me and quite un- extraordinary in any way, raised a mild sweat etc. I was pleased to have managed one whole Pull up from a dead hang position, although two Pull ups were quite beyond my current ability. Pitifully weak I agree, but a problem with the right shoulder has put me back as it were.

I have great ambitions to improve considerably!

Thereafter with blood pulsing in my veins I retired to the bathroom, washed, made a mental note to clean my teeth, brush my hair, find a clean t-shirt and.......... WHAT! ?

There on the window sill a can of deodorant stood quietly screaming in the sunlight -


Instinctively I held my breath, had I inhaled any of it?
Well no, not today, I hadn't actually used it today, but yesterday?
Maybe this was a dream and I had actually died horribly yesterday but it had slipped my mind? (a possible side effect of terminal deodorant death!)

I pinched myself. OUCH! No, that felt alive enough.

Scared now, I wondered furiously, do I dare to use the deodorant for fear of terminal lethality? Who would walk the dogs? I need to prep food for the evening meal. I haven't written my exercise diary entry for today!

I took a grip of myself, think man dammit, presumably as long as you take a deep breath, dash into the bathroom, spray, dash outside to the relative safety of the garden to gulp down clean air - whilst leaving the bathroom door and window open to vent poisonous gasses ... all should be well after say, half an hour!

Early morning exercise is fraught with dangers it seems.

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