Wednesday, 17 February 2016

How to drive someone mad

How to drive someone mad

1) Arrange your room so that there are two computer desks, up against each other, with monitors blocking the view from one desk to another, whilst leaving enough room for one person to put their hand through.

2) Ask the other person "Would you like some chocolates?"

3) Wait for them to put their hand through, and put three chocolates into their hand (a sugar shelled chocolate like M&Ms, Revels, Minstrels or Smarties work well)

4) Let them see what's in their hand, and then ask "Would you like some more?"

5) Wait for them to put their hand back through, then take another chocolate and tap the chocolates in the other persons hand with it, so they think that you've put more chocolates in their hand.

6) Go back to step 4 and repeat until they work out what you're doing.

Well played, Mrs Raven, well played.

(PS New video uploaded - me talking about retro games, and then going off topic onto the future of gaming.)


  1. Lol I thought so too! Only took about 6 "would you like some more?" Hehe

  2. Men can be a bit on the 'dim' side:))


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