Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Facebook's news feed is trying to get me killed

Facebook is supposed to have these awesome algorithms that show you things of interest to you, right?

Today I got a link encouraging me to "Leave The City And Go Raise Huskies In Lapland", a link which talks about living in a cabin with no water or electricity in Lapland. To be fair it's quite an interesting read, but the title really isn't for me.

These aren't huskies, but I don't have any pictures of huskies.

I'd be rubbish at raising huskies in a specialist dog raising school in a nice warm climate, never mind sending me to Lapland.  My thumbs and heels would crack in the cold weather, I'd have no phone without electricity (and even if I got it charged would I have superfast broadband?  Seems unlikely) and meanwhile the huskies would lose all respect for me and spending their days chasing me round and round until I fell over and they could run me over with the sled.

Apparently on a good day you can get some water boiled in twenty minutes.  I expect over twenty minutes to have made a drink, drunk it, and then be trying to get someone to make me another one.

No, as interesting as a life in Lapland sounds, I think I'll stick with mine for now. If only there was a post advertising "Stay In Your House And Earn Money By Writing Not Very Funny Tweets"...

(I did this post as a vlog also, if you want to watch it...)

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