Saturday, 9 April 2016

Working On A Card Game #FixThePlus

So, I spent the other evening printing and cutting out pieces of paper to trial my new card game.

Which, I can advise you, takes ages.

But the worst thing was when I realised that I really needed to be able to identify the cards (pieces of paper) when face down.

Bring on the ballpoint pen.

All done!

Still, I did get there in the end, and this morning I and my wife gave the game its very first playtest.  The game is called "Exos", and my game intro text is as follows:

You’re not doing too well on the old planet of Earth in the year 2139, so you’ve scraped together your savings, and you’ve jetted off to Mars - rumour has it that there’s some seriously valuable stuff on that rock, if you can find it.  You’ve bought yourself an Exo (Exoskeleton) suit, and you’re gonna mine yourself a fortune.

Just one problem - you’re not alone.

Get yourself geared up before it’s time to settle, once and for all, the question of which of you is going to get to do some mining, while everyone else is left selling their Exo suits as spare parts.

As fully expected the game came out with a decent pile of changes, but I was pleased to see that at its core, it doesn't seem to be an entirely bad game.  I've just finished revising it ready for another playtest, and I'm hoping to get it to a position where more people can see it in the not too far distant future.

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