Thursday, 19 May 2016

Be A Millionaire Day - May 20th

The 20th of May is apparently "Be a Millionaire Day", a day to honour the desire for freedom and power that comes from being loaded.

Here I am, in my weekend chill out clothes, supping on a spot of morning prosecco whilst laughing at the more unfortunate.  Poor fools.

I'm sure most of us (if not all of us) would love to be millionaires, and even if we are millionaires then even a bit more cash still wouldn't go amiss.  It's very true that however much you have, or however much you earn, a little bit more would be ideal.  For example:

If I had a bit more cash (say another £200) I'd:

  1. Save towards a holiday / Pay off some debts a bit quicker

If I had a fair bit more cash (say £3,000) I'd:

  1. Book a holiday
  2. Pay off debts even quicker
  3. Buy a new suit

If I got a big wedge of cash (say £50k+) I'd:

  1. Book a cruise
  2. Clear some debts
  3. Save some money
  4. Buy a new suit, and a new car

If I got a massive amount of money (Talking millions here) I'd:

  1. Book a world cruise / go travelling
  2. Clear all my debts
  3. Save some money, and give some away
  4. Buy a new suit, new cars, new computers, and hire a cleaner and a personal trainer

But the odds are that none of the above will happen, and we'll manage fine.  And even if the last one happened, I'd still be complaining that I didn't have a helicopter, or that my personal trainer made me work too hard, or whatever people worry about.

If you got a million pounds (or dollars) what would you do?  Is your list similar to mine, or do you have other priorities?  Sounds like something to put in the comments :)

By the way - a new middle class struggles video is up, we're up to part 3 :)


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