Saturday, 21 May 2016

Follow the Government of Japan

Why do I keep getting promoted tweets from the Government of Japan?  Been getting them for about a week now, and it feels like they're advertising something that doesn't really need advertising...

I remember when I was a kid there used to be loads of TV adverts for things that it seemed pointless to advertise.  For example, energy companies like British Gas - I can understand the reason for doing it now, because there is a choice of companies to buy your gas from, but way back then your choice was either to have gas, or not, and if you had it, it came from British Gas.  I imagined someone sat in their house shivering for hours, then watching the British Gas advert and thinking "Hey! I could put the gas central heating on!"

And so for the Government of Japan.  Although I would love to visit Japan...

Speaking of travelling, I've just finished "Cycling Back to Happiness: Adventure on the North Sea Cycle Route" by Bernie French, It's a tale of an everyday guy, not a super cycling enthusiast, taking on the adventure of the North Sea Cycle Route, and as you might imagine, he encounters all kinds of people and experiences on the route.  I've been getting into my travel books lately (which are always a bad idea because it makes me want to go travelling) and this book looked worth a try.  It is definitely well worth a read if you like Bill Bryson or Michael Palin, I found it particularly interesting because of the route taken Bernie goes through a lot of small villages and other settlements that you wouldn't probably visit on a typical holiday.


  1. If I could do it all over again, at least the part of traveling, I would backpack across America. That's what I love about dreaming, it's free.

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