Saturday, 25 June 2016

Travelling Book Project update

Apologies for the delay in blogging, but readers may be aware that it's been somewhat of a busy week in the UK, there's been a vote and apparently our little island is being relocated or something :)

Anyway, I wanted to make the announcement that sadly the Travelling Book Project website will be closing down in the near future.

Briefly, the Travelling Book Project was an attempt to connect people around the world by sending a blank journal from person to person, with each person contributing some information about themselves and their life.

Photo of me with one of the books.  I still have the t-shirt.

It was a hell of a project - I did an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise money, and despite all the mistakes I made (after all, it was the first time I ever tried doing one) I managed to raise over £200 from friends and family, but also total strangers that discovered the project and felt it was worth supporting.

I got to be interviewed on the local radio, which was very exciting, I've promoted the project at Hull College with my bespoke clothes hanger display, and I've made contact with people all over the world as the books visited places such as Ohio, Las Vegas (via Australia), Portland, Chicago, Dublin, Germany, and all over the UK.  And I thank everyone who took part in the project for helping that happen.

The website is still live for the next month or so until the subscriptions run out, but I've archived some of the key information (badly) on this blog at - I'll review and tweak the archived info so it sits better on this blog when I have chance.

But for now, thank you again to everyone that got involved, and I continue to hope that a book will make it back to me!

Regards, Mike


  1. What a neat idea. It would be interesting to see entries from people everywhere.

    1. Thanks Susan, I really liked it, but sadly I think it was too much for a hope that a journal would make it from person to person without someone losing it, keeping it, or something happening. Still, it was great fun to try :)

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