Sunday, 14 August 2016


Well, right now I ought to be gathering together about a quarter of the entire contents of my household, to fit into my car, as I leave fairly soon for an indeterminate period of time.

No, I'm not being kicked out, we're going on holiday, and the to do list looms.  But I wanted to do a quick post before we tackled the great highways of the UK.

Last night we undertook a good deal of the task ahead of us, that is cleaning the house and gathering all the things that we absolutely must take with us.

One of my "must take" items being this nifty keyboard that I can plug into my phone.  I won't use it, but it's critical that I take it with me.

But now we have to make the final push, before we attempt to leave.

It's not been bad to be fair - when clearing out the boot of the car I discovered a Toblerone from Christmas time.  I was worried that it might be inedible, but I ate a chunk of it for breakfast and now I'm feeling a little sick, so that sounds exactly normal.  If you're not familiar with a Toblerone it's a row of triangular "alps" of chocolate (see below pic) which are too big to easily bite off, you need to either gnaw and suck at an alp until it releases its grip on the other alps in the box, or you have to employ some violence to snap an alp off.

I elected last night to put the Toblerone in the freezer, because it's been warm here, just to make sure it wasn't soft.

It wasn't soft.

Those experienced Toblerone-eaters will know how easy it is to be hurt by a Toblerone.  You get a pointy bit jabbing you in the roof of your mouth, or knocking a filling out, or even up your nose.  These risks are not reduced when you harden a Toblerone by freezing it, you just make it even more dangerous.

So after tackling a chunk of frozen, possibly laden with bacteria, pointy wedges of chocolate, I need a holiday! See you all soon.


  1. Very funny! I see Toblerone being sold here, but reading about your humorous struggles with it makes me think I've either never tried it or tried it too long ago to have much memory of it. Is it worth the struggle? :)

    1. Toblerones are very nice, but you need preparation before you tackle one :)

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