Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Beer Festival and Alchohol

Last weekend I ventured into the wilds away from my home in the metropolis of Hull, out to North Ferriby, which was holding a beer festival, the "Ferribeer Fest".

I've always quite liked the idea of going to a beer festival, around here (and in many places I'm sure) a lot of the local towns and villages tend to have one at some point over the summer, and it seems much classier to go to a beer festival and sample some quality ale, rather than just go to the pub for inebrative purposes!

The event was free to attend and was well attended, and there was something like 27 or so different real ales, lagers, and ciders to try, which myself and my father did our best to tackle, although sadly I think we only managed somewhere around 14 between us before we started to unaccountably struggle!

Selfie taken at some point. We'd ensconced ourselves into a cubby hole suitably nearby the bar to give us a wall to lean on.
Obligatory pump shot.

I don't drink cider very often, but the Galtres ciders (produced by Orchards of Husthwaite from North Yorkshire) particularly stood out for me, they had a really nice flavour and I'd definitely think about getting some again.

Action shot. No idea what beer was being drunk at this point.

There was a band which was nice.
 And after the festival we headed back to my parents house, via a field that we had to cross to get to a pub so that we could ask for directions. I was feeling somewhat devil may care at this point and had what I've always known as a "Smartie" - a mixture of Tia Maria & orange juice, which takes the flavours of coffee and orange, and bizarrely turns them into chocolate.  I don't understand it either.

Field that we decided to cross.  I have no memory whatsoever of taking this photo. I think my smartphone must have taken matters into its own hands.
In other news, spotted the below sign the other day at an outdoor rest area - I wondered if the sign manufacturer was under the influence at the time of production...


  1. Haha, quite possibly! And do you have to be drunk to do that coffee orange chocolate thing as well?

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