Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy new year!

Rather horrifyingly, I've had a very productive evening and this is actually the third blog post I've written (four if you count a guest post), hopefully meaning that at least for the next week regular and maybe even vaguely interesting blog posts will be published.

Today marks the last day of my Christmas break before I return to work, and it's been a nice break, with plenty of unhealthy food and alcohol consumed (and I still have a good amount of alcohol to work through!)

Now for me (and quarter of a million other people in my locality) 2017 has a particular relevance to us, because 2017 is the year that Hull becomes the UK City of Culture.

Hull, a city and port in the North of England, I would venture to say has not always attracted the highest of opinions.  I myself was not a great fan of Hull, until I met my wife, and she introduced me to the more continental parts of the city (which I didn't realise existed).

Hull does have its good points, some decent museums and art galleries, places to visit, shopping centres (although it does have a tendency to open new shopping centres which simply drag the custom away from the other centres, making them struggle), and in the Avenues where I reside (aka the HU5 commune) it's quite pleasant and on good days almost cosmopolitan.

Unfortunately I was away from the city for the launch of the city of culture year, which I'm led to understand consisted of quite a few fireworks, but there is now supposed to be an entire year of events in and around the city. If you're looking for somewhere new to try, you might want to check out the Hull 2017 website and the events calendar.

I'm determined (at the moment anyway) to try to do more creative stuff this year, I don't feel that many of my blog posts are the best that I can do, so I'm hoping to do more and better quality.  By all means, I'm always interested in guest blogging (both bloggers on here and me blogging elsewhere) and any ideas for meet ups, collaborations, and so on, both on my blog and on my YouTube channel, are welcomed. Stay tuned!


  1. So glad you are guesting on Woman on the Ledge, Mike this month. I am looking forward to it. The Blog of Thog branches out! Exciting.

    1. Thanks Susan, I'm looking forward to it too :)

  2. Happy new year. Looking forward to your views on Hull's exciting year.

    1. Thanks, I'm hoping that we have some really good events :)

  3. As Nick Cave sang, "Philip Larkin stuck it out in a library in Hull." That and the blog of Thog, what more do you need?


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