Monday, 23 January 2017


Typical day of writing:

6am - I'm awake!!! Today is going to be different.  I am going to get in some time for writing. But not right now, I have to get breakfast on the go.
7am - Okay, better get ready for work.
8am - Let's go to work! And I'm going to do some writing tonight. Hey, I might even do a bit over lunch.
9am - At work.
12pm - Lunch. I'll definitely do writing tonight, I just can't fit any in today on my lunch break though.
6.30pm - Home! Dinner time. And then writing.
7.30pm - Well, I can't miss the bedtime routine.
8.30pm - Okay, the rest of my evening is free for WRITING!!!
10.30pm - I appear to have spent two hours surfing websites, eating snacks, and watching The Big Bang Theory.  Guess I'll make a start on the writing tomorrow...

Anyone else? :)


  1. Some days there are social media distractions like Twitter.....then you experience FOMO if you start working and your phone is lighting up like a Christmas tree. So you stop writing and check. Damn. A cat picture.....very funny, Mike!

  2. Oh ya you should see the day I recorded last week, every second distracted to the point of doing seemingly nothing but various social media for hours. I'm on the fence about posting it, but maybe i will use it as a blog about what not to do 😊

  3. Although I don't live to a routine I can relate to your distractions.

    1. Cheers :) my wife loves planning out things, I do try to resist but I'm losing!


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