Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Pizza Day

So, apparently February the 9th is Pizza Day, and that seems like an ideal opportunity for me to talk about pizza.

Pizza is great, it's an amazing invention.  Take bread, put a layer of tomato sauce down as a sticky base, pop on your favourite meat and veggies, and then cheese on top, and cook the whole thing so that the cheese helps to fix the toppings to the pizza base, and serve.  Delicious.

There was a danger that sandwiches could argue that they are easier to hold, but lo! Calzones!

Personally I love a good selection of meat toppings, perhaps with some olives or peppers, or even a few jalapenos.  I quite like ham and pineapple, but my wife advises me that pineapple on pizza is just wrong, so I've not seen that variety of pizza for some time.

But to be honest, I don't really want to talk about pizza, it's just been a topic to get me writing.  I find that once I get writing it's a great deal easier to keep going.

You know what, it's early February, and it's cold. Of course it's cold, it's early February in northern England, it's going to be chilly.  I'm sure that I got a bit of sleet on my windscreen earlier.  Not a problem of course, but I'm looking forward to the weather warming up a little, although I do like waking up and it still being dark - summer brings its own challenges, particularly when my son wakes up early!

Speaking of my son, here's a photo of the toilet rolls in our bathroom - he decided to take the time to take a pen to them and number them all:

I do hope that we don't have to use them in order...


  1. Happy National Pizza Day, Mike! It is also national bagel day as well. There is always a day for something. Perhaps your son was just practicing his skill in maths & the tp just happened to be there, lol! Glad to chat with you again!

  2. Of course you have to use them in that order. Why else would he bother? He is too busy to take the time if that weren't the plan.

    1. I did select one that wasn't in the right order, but fortunately I was forgiven :)

  3. For the record I hate pizza but only because it's staple ingredient is cheese, it's the cheese I really hate.

    What's with all the bog rolls anyway? Is there a war coming? Lol!


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