Sunday, 26 March 2017

My sons D&B house construction

The other day my son declared that he wanted a house.  We pointed out that he already had a house, but apparently that's our house, and not his.

He proceeded to produce a page of instructions.

To further explain the instructions, they are:
  • 1 - Get a House
  • 2 - Get a Roof
  • 3 - Put the Roof on the House
  • 4 - Put a hose on the back of the House
  • 5 - Put up some curtains.

He must be a fan of modular off site construction.

When questioned on fit out, he insisted on the provision of a refrigerator and an oven, but not a toilet.  Apparently toilet-related activities can be done outside the house, which saves on the foul drainage connection.

He also provided an elevation drawing.

Then came the build.  We struggled with what materials to use, but in the end I managed to build something satisfactory:

For clarification, we've got cushions for windows and doors, a tape measure as a garden hose, wooden superstructure and a foam number template roof secured by Blu-tac.  Between you and me, I'm pleased with the build cost.


  1. Perhaps he has found a career at an early age? This is one step away from becoming an architect, Mike. Plus, what vision! I am an adult and I don't think I could coherently do a step by step instructional for anything, lol.

  2. Very good, the opposing pillow in the back is a nice touch.

    1. Indeed, as you can imagine my priority was to meet his needs without having to go and actually make a real door / windows etc, so fortunately turning a pillow over was enough to differentiate :)


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