Sunday, 23 November 2008

4 years of WoW (From Thog's Blog 23/11/2008)

Hi folks and I'll just kick off with "Aren't Death Knights fantastic?!?" - I just started mine last night, and I am seriously loving it, very very cool character.
Right, I'm going to go a little nostalgic today, after all WoW has been going for 4 years (my god, has it really been that long?) so it's a decent opportunity for me to reminisce.
Before WoW I was always of the opinion "Internet gaming? Something you have to pay for EVERY month instead of just up front? No way!!". Then one night, after having a curry with college mates, I went round Shadow's house (you know who you are) to see this game where he ran around killing things with a warlock.
I was absolutely hooked.
At the time, WoW had just come out and there was shortages of the game all over Europe, I guessed (rightly) that no one would try WH Smith for a copy of it, and got the last copy there. Toys R Us was another place to get a copy, I guess none of the 6 year olds trolling round the toy superstore quite got the drift of dancing with a murloc.
At the time we didn't even have broadband, so for the first month or two I played WoW with an average lag of 1200 on a 56k modem. I didn't care.
But after about a year on and off playing it, I quit. After one long LAN party (i20 maybe? i24?) I never played again. And for the next year, I didn't touch it.
Then I went back. And made a Hunter. And the rest is (fairly unimportant) history!
How did you get into WoW? What were your first memories of it? Comment my blog and let me hear from you!

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