Sunday, 16 November 2008

Hello! (From Thog's Blog 16/11/2008)

Hi there!

Ok, welcome to my new blog. I've resisted writing a blog for a while, basically because everyone seemed to be doing it and no one read any of them. But I've always had a streak of the mediocre writer within me so I decided to give in and write about something I love.

So why have I got this blog? Well I'm going to talk about the guild, about me (because I like talking about me!) and about anything else I feel like. I will be talking about raiding and what you need to do to raid in future posts, so it'd be really cool if people that do want to raid check in

For anyone who doesn't already know, I am Thog of Guild Ravenswing on Wildhammer-EU (World of Warcraft for the unafficted!). I've been a senior officer within the guild for about 2 and a half years now (except for brief intervals where I tried different guilds!) and I do thoroughly enjoy playing my char and being in the guild.

The guild has gone through massive expansion, which is great - I remember when we had about 80 players for ages and just couldn't recruit anyone, if an officer left it was massively difficult finding someone to replace them, yet we always had a sort of community spirit, with our love of parties, games, drinking, eating, and attacking the alliance.

One very cool thing we did earlier in the year was organise a massive raid on Stormwind - about 20 guilds grouped at Stonard and charged on Stormwind, while another group came right from Orgrimmar to hit them as well. Lag and a load of allies wasted us, but we still had a great time! Plus it was really good for getting to know other guilds. Have a look at the raid on YouTube at

So what am I doing now? I'm currently level 72, levelling my hunter in the new Northrend continent, and having a great time. I'm also really enjoying questing with my first, and favourite pet, Damon. Damon is a boar and is geared up to be a tank, so when I solo he can tank mobs and I can heal him and dps the mob down. I haven't used him much lately because for pvp and raiding he isn't the best, but he's so useful for soloing.

I've done two of the instances so far in Lich King, Nexus and Utgarde Keep. UK is short and quite fun, Nexus is okay but can be frustrating at times - in one section these little plants keep smacking you, and if you kill it the plant just curls up, and then comes back to life a couple of minutes later! Very annoying.

Anyway, I'll sign off here for today - I have a long list of favourite topics - the TANK MEDIC programme and how guildies can get free stuff, raiding, Ventrilo, mods, boosting, begging, guild ranks, speaking Polish... the list goes on and on. But I'll save them for future blogs (but if anyone does want to know more just /w me in game!)

Cheers, Thog

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  1. Hey, this is great stuff!

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