Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The Tundra (From Thog's Blog 19/11/2008)

Hi everyone,
Just a short one today, been busy and even though it's not 10pm yet I'm already really tired, which could be demonstrated by how I ran off a cliff earlier tonight. Had to run for my corpse then!
Dinged today to level 73, doing a few quests in Borean Tundra. Not a huge fan of the Tundra to be honest, I prefer Howling Fjord, but I've done most of the quests there, and I've had enough of Dragonblight as well for the moment. It's good to level again for once, raiding is ace but going up to 80 is fun too.
So, I thought it was time I let you in on a secret.
Okay, I love Ravenswing. You love Ravenswing. We all love Ravenswing!
But we've all experienced a realm being down. All your friends scattered all around the servers. And we just keep on looking for when Wildhammer comes back.
So what we've done is set up an alternative guild. Ravensclaw on Burning Steppes is another guild for Ravenswing guildies. If you'd like to create a character on that server and join us, you're more than welcome. That way when the servers go down again - you've still got a home! Just have a word with me or Khat and ask us to sort you out on the server.

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