Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Taking action (From Thog's Blog 21/10/2009)

Hi all,
Spent last night looking for environmental petitions to sign up to, and various websites where you can encourage your MPs to take action - are two good ones, I also like the e-petitions on the Governments - I basically just go on, have a look at all the ways I can take action and sign up to the ones I agree with.
Did a carbon footprint test on myself and discovered my footprint is 10.36 tonnes p.a. which is a bit shocking - didn't think it would be so high! You can check yours out at and they'll give you personalised tips on how to reduce it too.
As a result, I've decided to sign up to 10:10 ( This basically says that I'll cut my carbon emissions by 10% in 2010, so I'm planning to do what I can, then by this time next year I'll run the carbon calculator again and see what I get. I would note that although my carbon footprint is high, I do do certain things, like I carshare with 2 other people that don't drive, so although I'm using a car, the 3 of us travelling together makes my emissions a lot better.

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