Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I Hate Nappies

I hate nappies.

On Monday, my other half went out for a couple of hours around dinner time, so I was looking after our 2 year old.  He's ace.

I was washing up in the kitchen and he came, took me into the living room and sat me down so he could snuggle up with me for a bit, which is cool.

Then I noticed that his nappy was bulging - time for a change, I thought. Not a problem.

Now, I knew that we were running low on nappies.

There wasn't any in the changing box.


Or upstairs in his bedroom.

Not even under his bed.

Okay, I thought, we can use one from out of his going out backpack, and I'll ask my other half to fetch some on her way in.

The going out backpack was empty as well.

Right, I decided, action needs to be taken.  He's going to need changing soon.

So, I decided that we would pop out and get some.  We headed down to Lidl on Cottingham Road - before anyone gets up in my grill about going to Lidl, they're very good value and their nappies have won some awards and personally I've found them to be better than Pampers and Huggies ones.

Parked up.

Got my son out of the car.

Got my son into a trolley.

Went to Lidl.

Realised that Monday was a bank holiday and that Lidl had shut early.

Returned the trolley and put my son  back in the car.

We then went to Tesco on Newland Avenue.  Went in there, but they had nappies sizes 2, 3 and 5, and we've been getting my son  size 6, so no luck there.

I got us back in the car and drove further down Newland Ave to the Sainsburys.  Unfortunately a ne'er-do-well was lurking around the entrance, and being a tough burly lad I decided to drive on.

We made it to Sainsburys on Princes Avenue.  As it is a bank holiday, people had been drinking all day, there was shouting going on, broken glass on the ground - not overly pleasant, but by this time I just wanted to get some nappies no matter what and this time I took the bull by the horns and left the safety of the car.

Went into Sainsburys - sizes 2, 3, and 5. No 6.

I decided to take a risk and buy a pack of size 5 nappies and hope that they would do for the time being.  Bundled my son back into the car, and headed for home.

Got home at last - this took me about three quarters of an hour, while I was supposed to be tidying the kitchen and generally sorting things out.

Opened the door.

On the table in the hallway was an unused nappy.

Ah well.

When my other half got in later, I told her the story.

She pointed out the new set of plastic drawers where unused nappies are now kept.

She also brought me a cookie.

I hate nappies.

But I like cookies.

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