Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Cat Is Alive!

My gran's cat is alive and well.

To clarify, my gran rang me yesterday morning very upset as the cat was acting extremely strangely and very unwell, with the likelihood being that it would have to be taken to the vet's and put to sleep.  Now the cat is not a young cat and hasn't been very well for a while, so we knew this day would come, but of course it's still extremely upsetting as it is the only pet my gran has now, and she has had pets pretty much all of her life so not having one would be difficult for her (she's now 81 and not up to having another pet after this one).

I was out all day yesterday (hey Alex, Mark, Phil and Dave if you're reading) so I couldn't take the cat, but I arranged to ring my gran back at lunchtime, and when I rang the cat was no better so things were not looking good.

So it was not in a terribly cheerful mood I arrived at my gran's this morning, prepared to extract the cat from wherever it was hiding (it is extremely nervous and hides when I'm around, probably because every time I go near it I take it to the vet).

However, the cat had completely recovered! Good news.

I should have known really.  We had the same situation about four months ago, when the cat was behaving very oddly again, and I went to collect the cat, to again take it to the vets.  The cat had hidden under a dresser in one corner of the room, so I pulled the dresser away from the wall, only for the cat to get around me and go behind the sofa.

I looked behind the sofa.

I saw a cat.

And a second one behind it.

Piecing information together we worked out that about four days beforehand a second cat had entered the house, and rather than leaving again which my gran had assumed it had taken up residence behind her sofa. So, when her cat was behaving oddly it was due to the intruder on its territory.  We extracted the rogue cat and sent it on its way.

So, all good news on the animal front.

I'm trying to decide whether to return to World of Warcraft - I still have a lot of friends on there (hey Guild Ravenswing!) and of course the Mists of Pandaria expansion is released on the 25th of September which a lot of people are very excited about - who doesn't want to be a very deadly, and cuddly, panda?

Apart from that, I wanted to flag up a set of websites that always entertain me, the Not Always group, namely:

These sites get real funny stories submitted for your reading pleasure.  The first one, was the first site and covers all those customer service stories of people trying to deal with difficult customers.  For anyone who has worked on the customer service side you'll relate to some of the stories!  One of the top stories is Lost In Translation - a story which makes me glad I can't speak a second language!  Over time I've pretty much read every story on there.

And if you have a minute spare, why not watch a video of a man gobbling at turkeys too!

One last thing, I've been enjoying the Jeff Lewis 5 Minute Comedy Hour on YouTube - I mentioned it the other day but it's worth repeating as it really is funny.  Jeff Lewis, who plays Vork in The Guild (again, go and watch it, very very funny indeed) delivers some excellent comedy in 5 minute chunks.

I'm pretty tired tonight so going to leave the blog there - oh, I did have a slight panic earlier, when I noticed my website address is - the other day I ordered a load of cheap promotional materials (postcards, business cards and labels) with on them.  I've just checked and they both end up in the same place, relief is mine!

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