Sunday, 16 September 2012

Volunteers welcomed!

Had an amazing day yesterday.

I was honoured to be asked by my friend Alex to be his best man at his wedding.  The weather for the day was absolutely perfect, tons of people turned out and all had a great time.  My son's mind blew up when he discovered that he could walk up to a plate of chocolate brownies (at the chocolate fountain), take one, and eat it - and attempt to repeat this another seven or eight times.  He also massively enjoyed running RIGHT ACROSS a rugby pitch.

Apparently I look like Winston Churchill.

All in all it was a great day and most importantly Alex and his new wife Julie were (and I'm sure still are) very happy.  Congrats guys!

Changing topics, season 6 of the Guild is coming out on October the 2nd.  If you haven't seen any of this hilarious web show, go watch some.  Very funny.

And to celebrate the launch of season 6, the show's creator, Felicia Day, posted this:

Basically, she wants people to submit 90 second videos outlining the plot of seasons 1 to 5 of The Guild as if to someone who hasn't seen the show before.  The more creative the video the better.

The best one will go on the season 6 DVD and be shown on the prelaunch show on the 29th of September, but all videos will be featured on the Geek and Sundry playlist.  Deadline to get videos in is the 25th.

I'm going to do a video but if anyone else wants in on the action let me know - you might want to be in a video, or speak in a video, or shoot the video, or edit it, or maybe you've got some cool props, or some cool ideas as to what we could do in the video?

Saturday 22nd September is when I'm planning to make my video, so if you want to get involved, get in touch before then.  Various contact paths to get to me:

Mike on Facebook
Mike on Twitter

Right - time for me to get the little one up!  Have a good Sunday folks.

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