Monday, 21 January 2013

3D Printing is coming...

I do strongly believe that 3D printing is going to make an absolutely massive impact on our every day lives over the next five to ten years, as printers get cheaper, quicker and more capable we're going to see them shift from being used for specific tasks and being viewed as scientific curiosities to being an essential tool around the home.

Nokia recently blogged about their Lumia 820 and how they've made the 3D printing plans for it available online for people to modify and use.  From these plans (and with a 3D printer) you'll be able to print your own case, with whatever design you can draw on the thing.  Very exciting.

Looking at my field, construction, Janjaap Ruijssenaars of  Universe Architecture, whose other work including designs such as a floating bed, is designing and printing a house, due to be ready in 2014.  More information on the Landscape House can be found here.

(As an aside I'd recommend you check out the Universe Architecture website anyway because it's really cool)

Meanwhile over at MIT, they're busy creating a Spiderbot that will print a house.

Plus CityHome, a home that can reconfigure itself.  Having a party?  Reconfigure your house to give you a big room for people to mingle.  Want an office away day?  Create a couple of office spaces and a meeting room.

Don't get me wrong, it's going to be years before these are commonly used in day-to-day construction, but the ideas that are out there are startling.

We are truly on the edge of a new phase of scientific discovery and implementation.  There are so many new possibilities out there with new technologies and systems, and those of us that can recognise the potential in these new systems, and turn that potential into reality, can revolutionise the world.

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  1. Everyone is talking about the potential of 3D printing for marketing and product recognition. It is sure to make a major impact on the way we view printing over the next decade.


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