Thursday, 17 January 2013


I hate socks.

I mean, I like socks.  They keep your feet warm and when you drop your coffee on the floor you can use an old sock to dry it up.  But why do socks very very slightly differ from each other, just enough so that you can't make pairs?

My son is the worst for this.  I'm an old hand at the "well if the bit of sock above the ankle is black, it's all good" tactic, where the heels may be different colours but you can get away with it.

However, as an example, my son has about twelve socks which have blue, grey, and white stripes.  I like these socks because they fit him, they aren't too tight and they don't fall down when he runs around - which is particularly good because he'll take them off if they fall down.

So the blue etc stripy socks are good, you would think, except for the fact that the order of the stripes slightly differs from sock to sock.  So, unless you actually manage to have all twelve in front of you, you almost certainly can't actually make any pairs.

I would be tempted to pick two socks and hang the consequences, however now my son goes to nursery several days, a class run by the local council, and a class run by a local charity.  And particularly with nursery and the classes we try desperately to be the perfect parent, you know the one - the one whose child is all lovely, never muddy, washes up and can play the piano, and after class they're going to go and make biscuits out of freshly sourced organic flour and Peruvian honey.  In contrast, after the class me and the little one are probably going to get a bag of Quavers each, watch some Octonauts and if we really feel up to it, and I mean really feel up to it, we might have a bath.

After I found that link to the Octonauts website I spent about fifteen minutes rescuing sea creatures from an underwater storm.  My environmental side is showing :)

Thanks to my subscribers for subscribing to my blog, here's a (very bad) video I made for you!

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More exciting (to me) news about my blog - I passed 3000 views as of the 16th of January which is really nice.  Thanks for checking it out - basically I have a frustated writer within me (well I was hungry and he was asleep and I had a knife and ketchup) and my blog lets me do my creative thing and be happy.  It's all that trek towards self-actualisation, as Maslow probably didn't say.

(Did anyone not use Maslow's triangle whenever possible in assignments?  It was the easiest psychology theory to find and use whenever one was needed, regardless of whether it is right or not)

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