Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Two Favourites for Tuesday - Oat So Simple and Rumpole

I've taken a liking to Oat So Simple for breakfast lately.

This porridge-in-two-minutes morning meal solution tastes good, is quick to prepare, and makes me feel as though I'm being healthy (even when I pick the Golden Syrup option).

Plus it comes with added excitement!

If you haven't had Oat So Simple, the way you prepare it is by opening a paper sachet of delicious porridge mix, tipping that into a bowl, then refilling the sachet with milk and then tipping that in too.

This refilling of a sachet with milk brings with it the risk of spilling the milk over yourself and/or the kitchen which nicely wakens you up and makes you pay attention to what you're doing, plus a small part of your mind is saying "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!? YOU DON'T POUR MILK INTO A FLIMSY USED SACHET!!!" as you do it.

It actually works quite well, and more often than not the milk is safely transferred from bottle to sachet and then from sachet to bowl without any loss by spillage, but you get the excitement of the possibility of having a kitchen splattered with wasted milk.  Twice so far this week we've had milk spills due to poor sachet control.

Apart from that, I've been watching old episodes of Rumpole of the Bailey.  Exciting eh?  But it is really quite entertaining - a reminder that just because something isn't brand new doesn't mean it isn't good.


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