Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Google Glass...

Google Glass looks ace.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch the video below (or see it here)

Basically it's a piece of eye wear technology.  Walking around, you say "Okay Glass, take a photo" and a photo is taken of whatever you're looking at.  It does translation, sat nav, videos, all the kind of cool stuff your smartphone does now - in this headgear.

If you want one to try out, check out the webpage here for details of how to get one.  Unfortunately they do require you to buy it if successful which is why I'm out (apart from the fact that I imagine I'd need to wear my normal prescription glasses as well and I can't see that ending well)

Again, and this is a favourite subject of mine, I love things like this, the possibilities they bring.  Imagine you're looking at moving house.  You walk down a street, and see a house for sale that you like.  What do you do?  Look at the QR code (it's a sort of square barcode) on the sign at the front, and your glasses pop up with information about the house - how much it is, its features, and how to contact the estate agent.  You like the look of the house?  You tell your glasses to get in touch with the estate agent and set up a viewing, which it does by either email or instant messaging, and puts an appointment in your calendar at a time and date convenient for you.
 No more missed appointments - reminders spring up as required.
 No more danger of getting lost (although saying that I imagine that the navigation ability will be as good as satnav, i.e. about 90% effective, leading to every odd time you end up taking your glasses off and physically asking someone in the street where a certain building is)
 Information is streamed to you as needed.  You're able to transmit videos of a family event, like a birthday, live over the net to friends that can't make it.  And rather than carrying a camcorder it's just your glasses.
 Yes, of course this brings dangers.  Spam windows will pop up on your glasses.  Satnav as mentioned won't always work.  And you'll get seriously annoyed when you lose the things.
 But exciting? Definitely.

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