Monday, 25 February 2013

Sweets, a melted heart and Vistaprint

I'm working my way through a bag of fizzy squashies (very nice by the way) and found a fizzy cola bottle in the bag?!? Ok...

My heart just melted a bit - we were putting our son to bed, and said "night night" to him, and he said back "Night night dad" - I know this is only important to us, but:
 a) it's really sweet, and
 b) it's a sign that the work we're putting in to encourage his speech is coming on.
Our sons speech development is a little behind the standard so as you can imagine that's what we're focusing on at the moment.  We're due to have a Team Around the Family meeting sometime in the next month or two for us and the professionals involved to agree who should do what - very much looking forward to it.

If you're not aware, Mothers Day is coming up (10th March) - bit of a warning to you about Vistaprint, it's absolutely ace but do be prepared to play about with the website a bit to get the best deal.  If you haven't used Vistaprint, basically you can get all kinds of customised stuff from there - pens, mouse mats, business cards, t-shirts, all kinds of stuff.

At any rate (having to be a bit vague because recipients of the gifts may read this) I picked four things to buy from there. With post and packing it totalled £36, which I was prepared to pay but was a little higher than I really wanted.  So I opened up my email and found an offers email from them.
 Went to Vistaprint from the link in the email, and my order became twenty six pounds.
 Then I noticed on the email that if I ordered £20 of stuff, delivery was free.  So I added two more things and my total became twenty three pounds.
 It's an excellent website - user friendly, and probably the cheapest of its type - but do be prepared to muck about to get the best deal.

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