Monday, 11 February 2013

What should I write?

 I'm of two minds at the minute.

I do try to produce a blog post roughly once every other day, for two reasons - one, so that those people who read my blog get something new to read fairly regularly, but secondly so that I keep practising my writing, which is the main aim of me doing my blog in the first place.  I've neglected my writing for many years and my blog is the way that I keep my hand in.

But I am beginning to understand the importance of producing not just content, but quality content.  I don't want to just produce stuff for the sake of producing it, I want it to be interesting or funny or thought-provoking or just have some sort of value.

I also don't know whether I should spend more time consuming or producing (and I'm not talking about food for once!) - one school of thought is that while you're 'consuming', i.e. reading, watching, listening to stuff, you're not producing and I shouldn't be procrastinating in that manner.  On the other hand, logically the only way to produce material is to consume material so that the mind has stuff to work on - right?

But that might just be me trying to justify working my way through The Big Bang Theory - I've been watching a minimum of six episodes a night since last week, very much enjoying it :)

Anyway - apologies for the contemplative post.  Fingers crossed I'll have something new for Thursday!

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