Thursday, 7 February 2013

Working out hurts!

 I've worked out tonight for the first time in months and I ache.

 When I say work out, I've actually played on the Wii for an hour.

 Think I need to do it more often.

 It's the first step in my new project that I'm working on - details are restricted right now but I will be trying out some new stuff over the next few months and I'll keep you posted (hopefully with pictures)

 I'm going to sort out a cherry scone and a cup of coffee now - after that I might watch President Obama firing a marshmallow cannon!

 Finally, if you've got a Twitter account and got nothing better to do, why not nominate me for a Shorty award?

The Shorty awards are described as "The Shorty Awards are a worldwide effort to engage hundreds of thousands of Twitter users to identify the best people and organizations on social media, culminating in a blockbuster ceremony in New York City." - basically they're social media awards and it's a great opportunity for everyone to have their say in who is the best.

Head over here to see how to support me. Thanks!

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