Tuesday, 19 March 2013


I'm pretty tired tonight - for those that haven't been reading every post with baited breath (shame on you!) I've been down with pneumonia and just returned to work this week, and I've been feeling tired afterwards (surprise surprise).  Tonight I've just got in from a Family First class run by the local Council / NHS Trust (I've never quite sure how it's organised) for parents of autistic children.  Tonight's session was all about sensory impact on behaviour, over stimulation, under stimulation and how to handle both.  It had some interesting ideas - one that might work for our son is some kind of pop up blackout tent that he could use to go and calm down in when he needs it - and the sessions are good, although when you're feeling tired the prospect of going out again isn't always appealing! (but it's well worth it)

I've just eaten some fantastic sausages from Fields of Anlaby.  Fields is an award winning butchers (see their news page for details) who I can confirm sells some excellent steak, sausages, pies, scones and pasties.  Definitely worth checking out if you're in the area (and they have their own mobile app!) - they don't seem to do a Lincolnshire sausage however, which is always one that I'm interested in trying.  For the record, the best ever Lincolnshire sausage (that I know of - if you're a butcher then you're welcome to challenge my statement by sending me free samples!) is from Jacksons in Louth - full of spices and really tasty.  My dad would also recommend their stuffed chine (which if you've never tried it is worth a shot).

The other thing I've been really enjoying is clips from Who's Line Is It Anyway on YouTube.  I particularly recommend this video of the two regulars, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles, and their banter.

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