Saturday, 2 March 2013

Tabletop gaming day is coming!

Are you ready for International TableTop Day?

On Saturday 30th March 2013, YouTube channel Geek & Sundry (home of shows such as The Guild and TableTop) asks you to go play some board games.  Basically go on the website - - find an event (or set one up), have fun with your friends and family, and maybe meet some new people, and get some photos etc posted on the web about it afterwards!  I think it's a great idea and I'm definitely going to do something for it - not quite sure what, I'll host an event but not 100% sure whether it'll be a public one or just something for family & friends that fancy it (probably the latter unless a handy and free venue springs up).  Great excuse for me to finally go and buy Munchkin :D

Just been watching some Ross Noble standup whilst playing FTL (and for the second day in a row losing a chunk of my crew by accidentally destroying an enemy ship without teleporting my boarding party back in time), I recommend his Unrealtime show - just one bit as a teaser.  Ross has four people in fishing hats in the audience, and can't help commenting on the fact.  It turns out that they are all mathematicians, and the hats are "maths hats".  Pressing further on the fact, the four folk are in the "UK Maths Squad" (presumably whenever a equation can't be solved, they get sent in), and when asked why they have the hats the answer was:

 "We were issued them in Hungary."

 I'm going to use that as a reason for everything in the future.

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