Friday, 5 April 2013

Polish takeaway is awesome

Polish takeaway is awesome.

That's all I have to say.

Actually it isn't, which is a good job otherwise I'd be a really bad blogger (rather than just a mediocre one).

polish takeaway zrazy wolowe

I had zrazy wolowe with a side order of beetroot soup, while my other half had kotlet devollay.  The beetroot soup was really spicy and tasty, and the zrazy wolowe (rolled pork chop fillet filled with sausage, cucumber and onion) was great, was covered in gravy and came with various shredded vegetables which weren't immediately easy to identify (cabbage and carrot was in there) but all tasted far better than you'd expect.  Cheap too (under £15 for both of us, delivered) and very filling.  It's all good.

I went to a debate held by Platform Expos about what they're doing Thursday night.  Basically they're looking at building a hub for games development in the Humber region, and the debate was about how people can get involved to help support what they're doing - check out the photos from the night here.  They're doing loads of things, from supporting groups of developers to running LAN parties, setting up a sort of games review and news channel called Platform Play, all kinds of great stuff.  Very very interesting and I'll keep posting news from them as it happens.

Have you subscribed to Blue Xephos aka The Yogscast on YouTube?  If not you should, if you like gaming and you like to laugh.  According to their website, "Lewis founded The Yogscast in 2008, with the goal of sharing Simon’s gift for inane banter with the world via YouTube" and I can confirm that the banter is inane and extremely funny.  I first came across them in a series of videos they were doing playing the game Magicka with TotalBiscuit, it's just brilliant how Simon panicks.  Very sorry to Simon if you read this (unlikely though that is!) - but you are ace.  Thanks for making me laugh.  Possibly their most well known work is their various works involving Minecraft, I particularly like the below episode where they build a particle accelerator, and fire an anti-gravity missile - I never expected it to be so funny :)

Anyway - enough from me.  Have fun and next time you have a takeaway - why not try a Polish one?

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