Saturday, 11 May 2013

Adventures in Mikeland Part 1


Apologies for the delay in blogging, it's been a busy week for two reasons:

a) We held our latest G4C Yorkshire & Humber event Thursday night - Addleshaw Goddard's very kindly put on an event for us on the topic of Risk Management and Dispute Avoidance.  The organisation was absolutely top-notch and the folks at Addleshaw Goddard's had gone to a ton of effort to make sure the night went well (which it did).  Many thanks for them for their time and effort.

and b...


Yes, I've got Minecraft and I'm addicted to it.  I've been aware of the game for a while (who hasn't?) and I've been loving the videos Blue Xephos aka the Yogscast make of their guys playing Minecraft, so thought it was about time to try it myself.

Hence "Mikeland".

Mikeland is obviously my land which I am building, it's a bit slow going as I don't really know what I'm doing but it's great fun.  I made a video of my first ever five minutes playing Minecraft (below):

And beyond that, I'm now starting to get the hang of it.  I've got two little caves now that I can sleep in, a chicken and sheep farm, I'm growing sugar canes (not sure why) and wheat, and after defusing a boobytrapped chest I've got some bits of redstone and the like.  I've also got a route down into a deep chasm to do some mining so it's all good.  Here's some pics:

Home sweet home.  The flowers didn't last long - a creeper detonated and took half of them out, which spoilt the view.

A view of my home from above.  You'll see my fenced wheat farm middle-left, my home in the middle (with the flowers), and behind the trees on the right is my chicken farm

The wheat farm.  I built this before discovering that wheat grows quicker if it's planted near water.

My chicken farm, which has recently been complimented with the addition of two sheep.

A rather silly zombie attacking me in daylight and therefore catching fire.

All my chickens hoping that the Ocelot in the back won't kill them.  I didn't kill the Ocelet, just chased it off.  So when I checked the farm later, there was about seven of them eating chicken.

My chicken farm.  With a creeper in with the chicken.  Barbecued chicken anyone?

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