Monday, 27 May 2013

Adventures in Norfolk - Part One!


Again, apologies for the delay in blogging.  I have literally had nothing worthwhile to write about, so I decided not to worry about blogging until I had something that I could talk about that could possibly result in quality content.

Anyhow, I've got just back from a long weekend in Norfolk with my friend Dan aka Dusty, and I've got a pile of stuff to talk about which I'll split into two or three posts (so I'll have this week covered for blogs at least!)

First thing which I must must must tell you about is Davenport's Magic Kingdom, newly opened in North Walsham.  This magic museum, launched by multiple award winning magician Roy Davenport, has been planned by the Davenport family for the last thirty years, and provides the public a unique opportunity to view a fantastic selection of magical items and learn about the history of magic and illusion, touching on various historical and famous magicians such as Houdini.  You also get the opportunity to experience first hand a number of tricks and a magic show - myself and Dusty were fortunate enough to enjoy the attraction on its first day, and indeed were in its very first group of people going around the museum.

Roy Davenport at Davenport's Magic Kingdom - the picture above the fireplace is of his great grandfather Lewis Davenport

Both of us have an interest in magic, particularly Dusty who is quite accomplished (compared to me anyway!) in conjuring tricks and the like.  The museum is fantastic - it's very interactive, and what could have been a somewhat dry exhibit of just pictures and text is brought to life by the people working there, and the illusions and tricks you see firsthand.  As mentioned earlier, the experience also includes a magic show, and the one we attended the magician was none other than Scott Penrose, Vice President of The Magic Circle.

I won't spoil the surprise by saying what exhibits are to be seen there but I'd definitely recommend a visit.  All the staff are extremely friendly (Roy in particular stands out - he couldn't have been nicer even though we got inside before the museum opened and interrupted him while organising everything!), the exhibits are very interesting, decent cafe (licensed too) and it looks as though further plans are in place to further expand the exhibits there.


  1. My girlfriend works there as the headless lady! Is Dusty our chum Danny Cotton ??

    1. Nope! It is a Danny, and he took great joy in the fact that I couldn't work out how the headless lady illusion was done, and wouldn't tell me how!!

  2. The headless lady is soreal you have to go and see her! Its an awesome place and wish everyone there all the best for a fantastic future,
    I will be back in the summer holidays for sure with the rest of my family.


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