Sunday, 5 May 2013

New Video - Monkey Fetches Book - and a whinge about the word literally

Apologies for the delay in blogging - I've had a few busy evenings this week, plus I've not really had anything noteworthy to say (as much as I enjoy making noise, on occasion I do feel that I ought to try to make my blogs vaguely interesting!)

So, what's been happening?

I have a new video, "Monkey fetches book"!  And it's probably better than most of my other ones - one of the really important points for creators of content is that the content is good quality, and to be fair a lot of the stuff I've produced in the past hasn't really been there.  This video isn't the best (the lighting needs improving, and there's a rogue knee in a couple of shots) but I'm getting a few positive comments which is great!

Watch it below:

If you liked it, please do stop by my YouTube channel and subscribe - I'd love to get to the heady heights of perhaps ten subscribers :)

Okay, time for a whinge...

I'm not really entitled to complain about the use of English, bearing in mind the only relevant qualification I have is a Grade C GCSE in English Language & Literature, but it does niggle at me when people use the word "literally" in a non-literal context.

An example - "I was so embarrassed, I literally died."

No, you didn't.

The Oatmeal have a great pic here about "literally", do check it out - I'm thinking about ordering a poster of it.

While I'm on a language rant, people in World of Warcraft with really long names, or with tildes (you know, like รณ instead of o) - it's really hard to invite you to our guild when you have them!  (Yes, I am being totally and unacceptably British here and essentially saying "What?  Your name isn't Derek or Amanda?  Well I'm very sorry but you simply can't expect to play with us. Tally ho!")

Of course we'll invite you to the guild.  But you might need to whisper us so we can click on your name rather than type it in.

Sticking on the topic of being British, did you know that we now have seven different social classes in Britain?  Try the very very fast test on the BBC website to find out which one you are.  I am apparently part of the small group known as "Technical Middle Class" - so technically I'm middle class but I don't own a melon baller.  Worryingly the average age of this class is 52 so either I'm ahead of the game or prematurely old.  If I check my beard in the mirror I'm tempted to plump for the latter.

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