Tuesday, 11 June 2013

No Chocolate cake

Sometimes I feel bad when my son cries. Okay - I always feel bad when he cries.

But then he turns to me and goes "Want Chocolate Cake!".

A) Not that upset.
B) Clearly lining himself up to "be upset" when the desired cake does not appear.
C) I want cake too.

Anyway - I finished!

I finished the YouTube Creator Academy last night.  It's been a really valuable exercise to learn more about YouTube and how to sort your videos out to make them more attractive to potential viewers, and it's also let me experience a lot other channels by other creators that I'd normally totally miss.  I particularly recommend TheNickCrompton - very funny plus I believe he's from somewhere in Yorkshire so that's always a bonus!

If you haven't already seen it here's my welcome video to my YouTube Channel:

Apart from that I've now put a page up on my website about guest posts - I've started getting people talking about working together on stuff so I thought I ought to have some guidelines in place.  If you really want to you can check them out.

And if you did contribute on Kickstarter to the second season of My Gimpy Life, well done!  The target of $50,000 has been passed, so they're going to have the money to make the season.  Jolly good.

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