Wednesday, 3 July 2013

New Guest Post - how I met my partner

I have a guest blog up on the interwebs!

A Girl Named Michael, a blog by a girl... named... Michael... has, in her own words, "stalked" me and challenged me to write how I met my partner.  As a result, she's very kindly let me share on her blog the story of how my partner and I met.  Do go check it out!!

A Girl Named Michael

I've just got home from Leeds, I've been at a Green Vision event where I did a Pecha Kucha presentation on Sustainability in Framework Agreements - you have 20 slides on a topic, and each slide automatically advances after 20 seconds so you only have a limited time to give your talk!  It was a bit of a challenge but a great opportunity to try something a little different - thanks to the CKE for letting me talk!

We also held our first AGM for the G4C Yorkshire & Humber Committee.  G4C (Generation For Change) is a construction best practice initiative for those new to the construction industry.  I've been the G4C Co-ordinator in the region since 2010, and it was with some sadness that I've stepped down as Co-ordinator, but I think it's the time for someone new to take up the position - at least the grey in my beard suggests that anyway.  Best wishes to the new Co-ordinator (Caroline from George Hurst & Sons) and I hope to be able to add value to the initiative as a committee member for the year ahead.

On the way home I realised that I hate it when my CD player in my car skips a bit, because instead of the song playing I can hear myself singing instead.  And I really do not sound anywhere as much like Avril Lavigne as I imagine.

In other news, my son continues to get even better at IT.  I left my tablet with YouTube open yesterday morning, he grabs it and starts watching a Spanish Minecraft video.  I've been out-geeked.


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