Monday, 23 September 2013

Feeling pumped

This is probably the first time I've ever referred to myself as "pumped".  Pumped isn't a word that should be used in reference to a person, or any kind of living creature.  You pump up bicycle tyres.  Okay, I guess I could be considered "pumped" in that I am currently storing some kind of spare tyre around my waist, but that's not the meaning I'm going for.

About half an hour ago I finished a computer gaming audition video that I've been putting together all weekend - and by all weekend, that does include pulling an all-nighter last night to get the damn thing edited!  It never seems to take that long to do a video, you just record it right?


There's bits that don't work and you have to rerecord, or you have to think how else you can do the video, there's cutscenes and videos you need to cut in, there's easter eggs you have to make (not the chocolate type), all this stuff.

I'm always struggled, when it comes to videos, with making the quality good enough.  Part of this is down to that I could really do to spend about £1200 on a new PC and recording kit, but mostly it's down to my innate temptation to settle for what I've got, to say "That'll do" when really, it could be better.

I don't know if anything will go forward from doing this video, but I've really enjoyed the challenge of making it, and it's nice to have been asked to audition.  Hopefully I've learned one or two little things about editing and I've had some new experiences along the way.  I'm almost tempted to say that "I've been on a journey" but I only find that phrase acceptable to say if you've actually physically moved from one location to another.

Or if you've jumped on one of the guys behind "Don't Stop Believing"!

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