Monday, 7 October 2013

I'm eating Pocky

As I type this, I'm eating a Pocky.

What's a Pocky?

pocky 1
it comes in a box.

It's a banana chocolate piece of confectionery that I bought from the Chinese supermarket today (if someone is reading this that has a question about me going to the Chinese supermarket - yes I did).  It's nice, if slightly unusual.

pocky in mouth
I say boy, I'ma gonna get me some vittles, hell yeah

It's (probably) the same as Mikado if you remember them (see website comparing the two).  But I don't remember Mikado coming in so many flavours - Pocky comes in chocolate, choco banana (the one I chose - very strong smell of chocolate banana when you opened the pack, but not so strong taste), strawberry, milk, and some others too I think.

In other food news, Starbucks are releasing a new item to its range of foods, the Duffin - a muffin with jam in the middle and coated in sugar.  Whilst I'm not convinced of the name it's probably better than any other combination of the words muffin and doughnut - doughfin, moughnut, or muffnut anyone?

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