Thursday, 3 October 2013

In the news

In the news:

A mum-of-three has shed a staggering 10 stone - by using her house as her own personal GYM.

Absolutely well done to the lady in question, but why capitalise the word "GYM"? Is it so unthinkable that someone could EXERCISE in their own HOUSE?!? What, you mean they moved around - without having to endure loud dance music pumped at them and groups of unfeasibly buff and muscly people walking past? Wow! That's amazing!

What's next - someone managing to eat food at home - by using their kitchen to COOK FOOD?

I've been answering questions on Yahoo Answers today - here is the sum of my wisdom that I have imparted to the world:

  • GCSEs aren't essential to get a job, but will help.
  • Don't be creepy.
  • Don't stalk.
  • Don't stalk.
  • Don't be stalkery creepy.
  • Don't stalk.
  • If you need medical help, some kind of doctor is advised.
  • If you're paying to drive for an hour, then drive for an hour.
  • If you're bad at something, practice to get better.  If you're really bad and can't get better, get help.
  • I like the name Jennifer over at least one other name.
  • Don't be afraid to be embarrassed.

Good eh?

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