Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Shampoo is for frequent use

Why do they sell you shampoo which is "for frequent use" - as opposed to what?  Do they mean its not really nice shampoo, so its okay to be used every day, while you might want to keep your Pantene or T-Gel for best?  Or can you get shampoo "for occasional use, be warned that if you use it more than three times a week your hair turns electric blue"?  You don't get this sort of comment on other things.  I've never seen soap that you can buy for frequent use.

Perhaps you could buy a deodorant labelled "for frequent use" as a somewhat blunt gift?

And it's with that thought of the day that I turn to three items of news!

Firstly, congratulations to Hull on being named the UK 2017 City of Culture.  I think it's going to be really good for the city and the competition seems to have really inspired the area.  I hope it makes a real difference to the future of the region.

Secondly, I have a guest blog of mine on the Yahoo! Answers blog!  The Yahoo! Answers team have been very nice and let me blog over there about Yahoo! Answers (which I quite like going on), and fingers crossed another one of my blogs will be going up tomorrow!

And thirdly, the latest episode of MANEATING is being uploaded as I type, and should be available very very soon here.  In this weeks episode I talk about Refreshers Squashies sweets, which are very nice.  And there's loads to do on their official website - like a Wordsearch!

Squashies Wordsearch!


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