Friday, 24 January 2014

Gym Exercises

Firstly, I really hope you enjoyed the last post, which was the first of a series of interviews with YouTubers that I enjoy watching.  The first interview, if you missed it, was with the brilliant Nick Crompton, who if you haven't watched yet, you need to.  I'm aiming to release interviews here on a fortnightly basis, and to show how well prepared I am, I actually have the second all ready to go, and work being done on the third

Okay, so I'm going to the gym.  Nothing wrong with that, it's pretty okay, once you get there and get into it it can even be almost enjoyable.

But the exercises really don't relate to real life.

I have never in my life skied.  I have no intention of skiing.  Snow is for snowball fights, snowmen, and for looking at whilst sat in front of a fire.

Yet I am encouraged to attempt to ski for as long as I can, at speed.

Equally with rowing, but the rowing machine doesn't even simulate real rowing, instead it's some kind of bizarre rowing boat where you urge the boat into motion by pulling a bar on a string.  No steering - this boat is just going to take you forward.

And if you go forward over a waterfall, your feet are strapped to your boat so you aren't getting out.  This isn't a good thing for a guy that can't swim.  I've never tried it, but I suspect the chances of me magically learning to swim, whilst being strapped to a boar, are low.

I need an exercise for typing really fast, that would be useful.  Or perhaps one where you have to stand in a queue with a weight in the shape of a shopping basket in one hand, and another weight in the shape of a small child in the other.  Oh, and the second weight needs to wriggle randomly.

I've "vlogged" about this too on my YouTube channel - you can see it below, but do be warned that it does include simulated exercise.

I'm working on making some changes to my YouTube channel, to try to make it better, any feedback or offers of help (Hint - I can't draw to save my life and I need some channel art!) are welcomed!

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