Thursday, 2 January 2014

YouTube proposal...


Got a bit of a proposal for fellow YouTubers...

Last year I took part in something called the YouTube Creator Academy.  Basically you watched a load of videos about making the most of your YouTube channel, and made you do certain things, like make an introduction video for your channel, and interact with other creators.  I really really enjoyed it, especially the interaction with others - it made me watch videos and channel that normally I never would, and broadened my horizons and made new contacts ("contacts" = basically an allegedly cooler way of saying "friends")

So, I'm planning to set a series video challenges for myself to do over the next few weeks and months on my YouTube channel, and it occurred to me to ask if anyone else would like to get in on the action - I could administer the same challenges that I'm doing for other people, and maybe work together on some stuff (one challenge for example I want to set myself is one week to do a collaboration - which obviously requires at least one other YouTuber!)

I should stress that I am a complete amateur at videos (which should be obvious for anyone who has seen my channel!) so I'm not looking at running these challenges because I'm an expert, it's just that I'm going to do them myself so if anyone else wants to join in, let me know as I don't mind organising things.

If people are up for it please drop me an email at and in a couple of weeks we'll make a start!  I'll probably be running the challenges using a Google+ community so you will need a Google account to get involved.

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