Monday, 3 March 2014

The beauty of a weekend chillout

I've been chilling out at the weekend.

Not all weekend, of course.  That would be extremely lazy (and lovely).

Basically, my Saturday and Sunday morning chillouts take up the first two to three hours of the day.  I get up with my son, make us both some breakfast, and then eat said breakfast whilst watching Glee.

Yes, I know, Glee is a dreadfully cheerful and uplifting piece of televisual entertainment, but sometimes I just want to feel good!  It's a modern musical and the one thing musicals do is touch your soul.

And breakfast is essential for absorbing the alcohol from the night before.

Breakfast was especially good this weekend, due to buying bacon last week.

And when I say I bought bacon, I BOUGHT BACON.

In the interests of supporting my local shop, I went to the butchers, with the intention of buying somewhere between four and eight slices of bacon.  However, they had a special offer of two pounds (about one kilogramme) of bacon for £5.70.

That's not actually a special offer, it's actually the going rate for bacon, but I couldn't resist - I bought it.

Now I have lots of bacon in the house.

Two bits of news - firstly, I have a video collaboration being organised as I type, no details yet but hopefully a new video will be arriving in a couple of weeks (apart from any others I knock together in the meantime)

And secondly, fingers crossed I have a new YouTuber interview coming through very shortly, if so it'll be featured this week!  Stay tuned.

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