Friday, 25 April 2014

Music is rubbish nowadays

So, me and my other half had one of the music channels on TV the other night.  I can't remember why, as it's pretty rare that we have anything on the TV except for:
b) NCIS: Los Angeles
c) Kids TV shows
d) Recordings of Kids TV shows

But, this time, we had a music channel on.  And the music channel was playing a number of hits from the 90s pop band, Steps.  I remember when they were first launched how uncool it was to like Steps (although I can't actually remember what was cool then - Eminem perhaps?)

Anyhow, we watched a few Steps songs, and sang along, and had a great time.

Then the music changed, to some hit of today, a pair of female rappers talking about selfies and fame or bling or some other nonsense.

Now, I've always believed that there is a time in each generations life when you decide, irrationally, that new music is all rubbish and the best music was out when you were young.

But it's different this time - because this new music IS rubbish!  All they do is jig around with jeans hanging around their ankles, gold braces on their teeth, bizarre waving of their hands which apparently is some kind of dance (maybe?!?) and they shout a lot about members of the opposite sex, illegal substances, gambling, and illicitness!

With nostalgia in mind, can I point you to this brilliant video remembering the 70s and 80s:

Now finally, but by no means least, an extremely talented blogger by the name of Tim Clark has let me loose on his blog - I took the opportunity to rant about technology.

Especially printers.

Why not head over and take a look?

Thanks Tim!


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