Wednesday, 7 May 2014

YouTube videos

On Monday, I posted a video for the Clash of Clans Clan Wars Karaoke contest.  To be honest, it wasn't my great video - it basically involved me rocking side to side, singing badly, accompanied by a vibrating pig.

And the pig wasn't even vibrating.

As I write this the video has scored over 2,000 views - not exactly up to Gangnam Style, but it is four times more views than my second most viewed video.

It's attracted a lot of comments, and the dubious honour of receiving more dislikes than likes, but nevertheless I've found myself checking my channel statistics a couple of times just to see the view count soar way beyond my usual, so if you have watched it, thanks.

And I hope it didn't scar you too badly.

While I'm talking about YouTube, YouTube have just started their latest Creator Academy Boot Camp - even though I've completed the academy before, I'm retaking it to refresh my memory and hopefully connect with some other YouTubers.  It's well worth doing if you're a YouTuber that would like to improve.

Finally, this blog wouldn't be complete without pointing you over to Tim Clark's blog where he's talking about the challenges of modern life, and what we need to do.  Well worth a read - I for one look forward to Tim's control of the planet, I'm sure he'll do a perfectly acceptable job.

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