Thursday, 26 June 2014

What's in a mattress?

I had to resort to doing some chores today, reluctant though I am to dabble in household arts there was simply no option for me but to buckle down and do stuff.

When I was changing the bedding on my sons bed, I happened to glance at the information label on the mattress.

I'll save you from reading all the notes, but two bits stood out to me.

One - "Manufactured without the addition of Phosphorous, Antimony or Arsenic".

Well, thanks for that.  Yes, that last item was Arsenic, well known as a poison, and is classed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a "class 1 carcinogen".  So that's a bad thing (although it does have many uses apart from killing biological species).

Not entirely sure why they felt the need to write that on the label.  The only assumption I can make is that it is commonly used in mattresses - if that's the case, perhaps it's time to wear some pyjamas to bed.

And the second point I'd like to flag up is a large warning towards the bottom of the label. It says...


Who buys a mattress that is good at soaking up vomit?  Can you imagine how hard it would be to clean a vomit soaked mattress?  And if you did frantically need to clear up some vomit, how many different materials would you choose before thinking "Well, there's nothing else for it, better throw a mattress on it"?

(Of course I do understand issues around babies being sick and the need to ensure that it is dealt with appropriately, but even then I can't imagine any reasonable parent, having spent the morning investigating a variety of beds and mattresses, finally saying "Let us buy this mattress, it actively absorbs vomit so if little Hercules is unwell we don't need to worry - it'll suck that sick straight out of our baby and contain it safely within its springy interior"

As an aside, I have a new video up on my channel, feel free to check it out here (or watch it below), I've ranted about shaving and how razors and shaving gel are not up to the task.


  1. I think they had to place that sign in order to assure some particular mothers that the mattress can repel vomit. There are certain mattresses out there that don’t have the ability to repel them and sometimes, although you get the vomit out, the smell lingers with it. Anyway, you can check out Mattress Magic if you’re looking into any mattresses in the future. :D

    Lucy Barton

    1. Thanks Lucy :) I think the thing that got me was the word "WARNING" at the start, as if it would be a huge problem that the mattress doesn't absorb it.

      Arizona huh? I'd love to visit Arizona (and maybe pop to Mattress Magic!). One day!

  2. My husband used to sell mattresses. Needless to say, I never heard him speak about the vomit soaker model. Although in college that might have been an option.

    1. In my younger years something that absorbed vomit would have been useful, that's learning about the dangers of alcohol for you!

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