Thursday, 7 August 2014

Bang! And the vomit is gone!

Yes, if you couldn't tell from the title, this is a bit of a gross blog post.  You have been warned.

My son has just been having a bath (supervised by his mother), when he decided that the best thing in the world to do was to drink the bath water.

I remember doing this when I was little, I seem to think that sucking it out of the flannel was a particularly tasty way of enjoying this particular treat.  Disgusting yes, but it was twenty five (or more) years ago.

Now in my partners defense, I usually do bathing duties, but this time she was sorting him out as my back is playing up a bit and I wanted to get a start on some paperwork that needing doing.  My son has this trick where he floats in the bath, and lowers his mouth into the bath, to drink the water.  He's only done this occasionally, but I've learned to notice when he tries to do this and intervene, while I don't think my partner realised immediately what he was planning and he took full advantage of this.  You can always tell when our son is doing something that he shouldn't, and that he knows that he shouldn't, because he'll do it as quickly as possible.  He was knocking my birthday cards off the windowsill the other day, and when I told him "No" his response was to accelerate the process so that he could complete it before I stopped him.  So you can imagine, being given a split second to drink something he shouldn't, he went for it.

I heard some coughing and noises, and then my partner called up to me "Mike, can you come give us a hand please".  I ventured downstairs to find her drying my son off while he cheerfully announced "Sick!", and the water draining out of the bath, leaving a rather nasty looking ring of... well I'm sure you can imagine.

So, I got him a drink, checked all was otherwise well, and left her taking on the bath with the aid of Cillit Bang.

I bet they haven't thought about advertising how well it deals with that sort of stain.

(I will end this blog just to say that I too have cleaned various... substances... out of the bath!  Just not this time!)


  1. Kids, they will do all they can to age a person prematurely, and yet, they are the greatest gift the heavens give.


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