Wednesday, 20 August 2014

I have dreams of an empty desk

I have dreams of an empty desk.

I've never been a particularly tidy person, and when I have to tidy, it's generally with the minimum of effort.  I remember when I was a kid tidying my room, which involved putting all of the mess on the bedroom windowsill, and closing the curtains.  This cunning plan survived scrutiny for about three seconds, after which point my parents said "Why have you got the curtains closed?", opened the curtains, and my ruse was discovered.

But my desk at home currently is a mess.  I'm right in the middle of making travelling books for the Travelling Book Project - about half of the books are now complete and are in bags to be taken to my parents who have volunteered to package and send the books out (thanks Dad!), while there is eleven remaining books which have been started but are yet to be completed.  As things are going I'm hoping to get the rest of the books finished by this time next week, so I can look at getting them sent out then.  For anyone that is expecting a book, I should warn you that they are being sent out by whatever is the cheapest delivery method available, so if you're not based in the UK it will be a matter of weeks before your book gets to you.

At any rate, in the meantime my desk is decorated with a pile of incomplete books, lots of cut out pictures to stick in the books, bookmarks, some "make your own snow" material (I have no idea why), paperwork, scissors, sellotape, and a stack of old collectable cigarette cards.

Speaking of bookmarks, thank you to the Not So Book Club Book Club for the cool bookmark which will be going in one of the remaining travelling books!

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